Hemnagar Zamindar bari – The Angel House

Despite of having every possible thing to be a promising tourist attraction of Bangladesh, Hemnagar Zamindarbari failed to gather the attraction of tourist. Even many Bangladeshi people didn’t know about this zamindarbari. However, this beautiful […]

Moyez Manzil – The White House of Faridpur

Moyez Manzil is one of the most magnificent British period mansions ever presents in Bangladesh. Moyez Manzil stands adjoining the cicuit house of Faridpur in Bangladesh. The villa is also famous as the White House […]

Mymensingh Palace – The Shashi Lodge

Mymensingh Rajbari also known as ‘Shashi Lodge’ is one of the iconic lodges of Bangladesh built by the landlords of Bengal during British period. The lodge is situated at Muktagacha Upazila of Mymensingh District and […]

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