The Mosque of Baba Adam

Baba Adam’s Mosque is one of the most splendid archaeological mosques in Bangladesh. The ancient mosque is located in Kazi Qasba Village of Rikabi Bazar Union under Rampal Thana of Munshiganj District. It is about […]

Mosque and Tomb of Hazrat Khwaja Shahbaz

The mosque and tomb of Hazrat Khwaja Shahbaz is one of the oldest prominent structures of Dhaka City. The mosque of Khwaja Shahbaz is among the oldest mosques of Dhaka. The historic mosque is situated […]

Choto Shona Mashjid – The Small Golden Mosque

Choto Shona mosque is another most significant archaeological embodiment of Sultanate period in Bangladesh. ‘Choto’ means small and ‘Shona’ means gold, thus the meaning in Bengali is Small Golden Mosque. The supreme mosque is located […]

Sonargaon – The ancient capital of Bengal

The historic beauty Sonargaon was the capital city of ancient undivided Bengal, which was the then combination of present West Bengal and Bangladesh. Sonargaon means the city of gold. In these days Sonargaon is an […]

Shat Gambuj Mashjid – The Sixty Dome Mosque

Sixty Dome Mosque (Shat Gombuj Mashjid) is one of the auspicious and largest mosque of Sultanate period in Bangladesh. It has been mentioned as the most impressive muslim monuments of the Indian subcontinent in the […]

Tara Mashjid – The Star Mosque

Star Mosque is one of the greatest tourist attractions of the older part of the city of Dhaka. It is located at Abul Khairat Road in Armanitola of Old Dhaka. The beautiful Star Mosque is […]